Month: November 2015

How resealable packaging can help to protect the environment?

Food waste affects our environment in many ways. We may not think about this but water, energy and fuel used in manufacturing and cooking food produce harmful greenhouse gases, contributing to global warming and climate change. In addition, some products that get lost or damaged during transportation and storage may leak and pollute the ...
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Re-sealable packaging in the beauty and personal care industry

Re-sealable packaging is most commonly used for food products, but the manufacturers of other industries also appreciate the benefits of this innovative technology.  are widely used in the beauty and personal care industries for items such as facial wipes, baby wipes, tissues and feminine hygiene products. Special designs help to retain ...
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How using resealable packaging can help to improve your branding?

ompanies spend millions of pounds on building brand awareness to attract customers and influence their purchase decisions. With so many similar items available on the market, consumers often choose familiar brands over those new and less recognisable. The times when packaging only served a protective function are long gone, and many ...
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