4 Reasons for Reseal-it – Reason 1: It keeps food fresh

Resealable packaging solutions have a wide range of benefits and are known for ensuring product safety and keeping food fresher for longer. As resealable packaging grows within the food sector, we explore the various benefits it can provide:

Food Safety Concerns

A recent study by IDG research has forecasted the food-to-go market in the UK to be worth £23.4bn by 2024. With this in mind, consumers are increasingly becoming more health-conscious and concerned by traditional food safety threats. Top concerns include contamination by bacteria or germs and product tampering.

Resealable packaging like Reseal-it® can considerably decrease the risk of food contamination, helping prevent food-related diseases and product tampering by using a highly-visible tamper-evident feature on all packs. Additionally, it keeps food fresher for longer whilst maintaining pack integrity.


Consumers have also indicated that convenience is key when opening their food packaging and are even willing to pay a little more for products that are easy to use. Based on Future Market Insights, FMCG manufacturers of resealable packaging have to focus more on packaging features when the product is unconsumed. Thus, allowing the consumer to store the product more conveniently.

Packaging designs already used by Reseal-it® include; films, pull taps and seals. Reseal-it® packs are easy to use, store and can be resealed up to 25 times.

Secondary Packaging

When packs use Reseal-it®, there is no need to repack products in film, poly bags, foil or plastic containers once opened, making it safer for the environment while reducing food waste at the same time.

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