5 key trends in food packaging

Food packaging is a highly-competitive industry that is constantly evolving to address new challenges and expectations.

Here are 5 recent trends in this fast-paced industry.

1. Transparency

Contemporary food incidents such as the 2013 horse meat scandal have undermined customers’ trust in the food industry. According to a recent survey by Trace One, 63% of respondents have less trust in the sector and 83% call for an increased transparency and information for food products.

With more customers wanting to see products inside packaging, transparency emerges as one of main trends in packaging design.

2. Creative Packaging Design

In the marketplace where so many competitors offer similar products, creative packaging designs help to grab customers’ attention and can lead to greater sales. Quality packaging can also positively influence customers’ perceptions of the product inside the pack, according to a recent study from Mintel.

3. ‘On the go’ packaging

Customers’ eating habits can influence their expectations towards packaging. Individually packed snacks that can be easily eaten “on the go” are in high demand, especially among young people. Research shows that 21% of those under-25 are willing to pay more for snacks that are portable.

4. Personalisation

Personalised packaging helps to build a rapport with customers and can be a great marketing tool. Brands such as Coca-Cola, Nutella and Marmite have all successfully used it to their advantage. Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign generated a lot of interest on social media, and the company sold more than 150 million personalised bottles in 2014.

5. Resealability

From easy opening to better portion control, resealable packaging has many benefits to offer. Changing demographics – an ageing population, more people living alone – have helped to facilitate the shift towards resealable packaging, as more customers prefer packs that are easily accessible and convenient to use.

Reseal-it® by Macfarlane Labels is an innovative, resealable labelling solution designed to provide the customer with an easily opened pack that can be reclosed to maintain product freshness up to 25 times.



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