5 packaging trends for 2017

Based on a recent report by Mintel Group Ltd., we look at 5 key packaging trends for 2017.

1. Unique packaging design
Traditionally, the main function of packaging is to protect products, but growing customer demands and new developments in the industry have led a path to fresh challenges and opportunities.

Packaging can have an impact on customers’ perceptions of products inside the pack. According to a recent study by Mintel, one third of US customers evaluate product quality based on the quality of its packaging.

A unique packaging design will help to grab customers’ attention, reinforce your brand’s message, and build stronger brand integrity.

2. The growth of eCommerce
Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular as more and more people choose home delivery over visits to stores. A recent study from Mintel reveals that nearly half of British customers (48%) buy their groceries online with one in ten doing all of their food shopping electronically.

With the growth of eCommerce, customers’ expectations are also growing. They want their orders to arrive in prime condition and on time, and the packaging industry will have to adopt the new challenges and opportunities that online shopping brings.

3. Intelligent packaging solutions
Environmental considerations are becoming increasingly important to customers and can influence their buying decisions. A recent report from Mintel says that fifty-four percent of US customers are willing to pay more for features such as resealability and better portion control if they could prolong product life by keeping the content fresher for longer.

Macfarlane Labels and Insignia Technologies have recently worked together on developing an award-winning, temperature-indicating label. It has been designed to provide customers with a clearer understanding of how long products have been opened in the fridge, helping to reduce food waste at home.

4. Eye-catching designs
With so many similar products on the market, your packaging design plays a key role in attracting customers’ attention, encouraging them to pick up your products. Eye-catching designs stand out and help to create memorable shopping experience with your brand.

5. Brand loyalty
Customers often choose brands they are familiar with. Over half of Chinese customers (53%) say they are loyal to brands they like, according to Mintel.

Well-establish brands create a perception of quality and offer customers safety and reduced risk of disappointment with a product. Delivering a positive shopping experience for your customers will help you build a strong brand image and loyalty base for your business.

Reseal-it® by Macfarlane Labels is an innovative labelling solution that ensures product freshness and pack integrity. It does not require additional packaging such as cling film or fridge bags, which reduces the amount of environmental waste and cuts consumable costs for customers. To read more about Reseal-it® go to www.resealit.com


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