Benefits of using tamper evident labels

Whether you are a manufacturer of food, medical or electrical equipment, you may want to ensure that your products will not be tampered with when leaving your production site.

Tamper-evident security labels are designed to deter unauthorised access to your products by making it obvious if somebody has interfered with them. They achieve this by leaving text or fragments of themselves on the packaging, or break into many pieces if an attempt to remove them is made.

Tamper-evident labels help detect theft and provide asset-tracking capabilities, saving associated costs for your company. They are also particularly useful for products such as medicines and sterile equipment, leaving clear evidence, if they have been opened or altered by anyone.

Brand Integrity
Product counterfeiting is a growing worldwide problem that may have a negative impact on your brand integrity and customers’ trust.

Tamper-evident labels are a simple and cost-effective way to mark your products, making them easier to identify and protect against cheap and dangerous counterfeits available on the market.

Available in different styles and colours, they can be easily incorporated into your packaging and label designs, and can be used to enhance your brand.

At Macfarlane Labels, our Reseal-it® labelling solution is a perfect tamper evident option to ensure that nobody can touch the food items before you buy them.

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