Control portions with resealable packaging

Healthy eating is on the rise with customers growing more conscious about their wellbeing and food choices.

Balanced diet and regular exercise can help keep our bodies (and minds!) healthy, decreasing the risk of many health problems, including diabetes and heart disease.

Studies show customers are better able to control their portions if food is presented to them in packaging with a resealable closure.

Resealable packs can be reclosed several times, keeping products fresh and preventing customers from feeling obliged to eat the entire pack straight after opening. This contributes to reducing the amount of food consumed at once, helping maintain a balanced diet and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Although snacking can be considered a bad habit, we all fall victim to between-meal nibbling at times. A study by Mintel has revealed that an astonishing 94% of Americans snack at least once a day. The general trend, however, is to move towards healthy snacking with customers choosing nuts, fruit or dry fruits over less healthy alternatives.

Packs with an in-build reclosable tab are great when it comes to snacking on the go – on the train, plane or in the car. The reclosable tab prevents the contents from spilling out, both during the opening and handling of the pack.

Reseal-it® by Macfarlane Labels is a packaging concept designed to provide customers with an easily opened pack. It can be reclosed up to 25 times to preserve food freshness and help prevent food waste at home.

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