Enhancing Brand Image with Resealable Packaging

Enhancing Brand Image with Resealable Packaging


The packaging industry has undergone multiple transformations and today’s brands are aiming to increase their market presence and product visibility through features such as resealable practicality, functional finishes, and an enhanced packaging design.

Here are some tips on making sure your products get noticed in a busy FMCG retail environment.

1. Optimise use of resealable packaging

Resealable packaging is known for its ability to provide customers with convenience by easing storage efforts and maintaining freshness of food products. Packs with resealable functionality are also great on the go and they can be used for frequent opening and closing. Resealability can also help to differentiate and ensure that the product stands out against the competition.

2. Adopt practical thinking

According to ‘36Creative’, stats reveal that customers find resealable packaging easy and convenient to use. Focusing on resealable packs may attract new consumers and give your brand a fresh look.

3. Use clear labelling

Providing complete product information with the presentation of well-designed labels can attract customers to buy your products. Make sure that the information presented on your labels is clear and readable. Product labels can be a good marketing tool for promotional initiatives, such as discount codes, competitions and initiatives for sustainability.

4. Be Creative

On average, before buying a new product it takes 90 seconds for a person to make up their mind after their initial interaction with a product. However, a unique and well-designed packs can help your customers to make easier and faster decisions on the products they buy. Also, investing in creative designs can help give you the edge over your competition. For example, the right selection of pack colour can influence customers’ moods, feelings and attitude towards the brand.


Here at Reseal-it® by Macfarlane Labels we invest in the product and pack design to ensure your packaging stands out. To find out more about  Reseal-it® and its benefits, visit our website: www.resealit.com.



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