Healthy snacking with resealable technology

Leading a busy lifestyle can make it difficult to stick to the traditional three meal a day routine. Irregular working hours, after-work activities and travel all encourage nibbling between meals.

A recent report from Mintel* revealed that as many as 95% of UK adults snacked in December 2015, down just by two percentage-points from 2014. Over 50% of respondents who ate snacks admitted they did so to satisfy hunger. Younger customers are the Britain’s biggest “sinners” with almost 80% of those aged 16-24 snacking at least once a day.

As customers are becoming increasingly concerned about their health and wellbeing, there is a growing demand for food manufacturers to produce healthier snacks with low-fat and reduced sugar content. According to Mintel*, 22% of respondents are willing to spend more on all-natural snacks, including those without artificial colouring or flavouring.

Packaging also plays an important role in shaping our snacking habits. A good example of this are packs with built in resealable technology that can be opened and closed many times to preserve food freshness. This helps customers to better manage their calorie intake by encouraging them to reduce portion size – An astonishing fifty-four percent** of Americans admit they would pay more for added packaging features that keep food fresh and reduce food waste.

A resealable tab prevents the content from spilling out of the pack once opened, which is perfect when snacking on-the-go or travelling. It also helps to better manage weekly food purchases as food goes off slower, allowing customers to enjoy their products for longer.

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**Reduce, reuse or recycle? Half of Americans prefer to buy foods with minimal/no packaging in order to reduce waste:

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