How resealable packaging can help to avoid ‘Wrap Rage’

Have you ever fallen victim to tricky packaging? Four in ten people in the UK have claimed to injure themselves while trying to open packaging on everyday goods, including food and drink.

Among the items commonly used to open packaging are scissors and knives, and some even resort to razor blades and hammers in their struggle to access products!

The increased levels of irritation resulting from the inability to open packaging is known as…’Wrap Rage’.

Apart from being extremely frustrating to open, difficult packaging can also limit our food choices. A recent study from Which? has found that hard-to-open packaging is preventing a quarter of the public from eating what they want. This is especially true with elderly customers who may have less strength and dexterity when it comes to opening everyday goods.

Resealable packaging systems such as Reseal-it® by Macfarlane Labels can help to improve pack accessibility and customers find them convenient to use.

A report from Wrap produced in partnership with Incpen has found that reclosable packs are one of the three most useful packaging innovations to customers and can even influence their buying decisions. 20% of consumers who chose a reclosable pack over non-resealable packaging cited functionality as the main reason for their choice, according to the study.

Reseal-it® packs can be easily opened by lifting a tab on the pocket and can re-closed up to 25 times, allowing customers to enjoy their products for longer*.



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