How Resealable Packaging Can Help You Live Healthier
January is often a time of reflection. After a particularly hard year, many of us hope that 2021 will bring us back to life as we know it.

A lot has changed in the past 12 months. We had to learn to rely on technology in communicating with others, switch to working from home when possible, and shop online more than ever before.

It has not been easy to stay at home, separate from friends and family, but the time apart has also given us the opportunity to evaluate our lives and reflect on what is really important to us.

Packaging and healthy lifestyle

Health and well-being have become a priority. Many of us have started to exercise daily and begun to take better care of ourselves by sleeping longer and paying extra attention to what we buy and eat.

A new study by IGD has revealed that 63% of customers consider health the main driver to improve their diet during the COVID-19 pandemic, up from 58% in 2019.

Food packaging can play a vital role in facilitating a healthy lifestyle. Resealable solutions, such as Reseal-it® from Macfarlane Labels, offer customers many benefits, including:

Portion control

Buying multi-packs is up to 50% cheaper than purchasing smaller counterparts, according to recent research from It can, however, lead to overeating, as customers may feel obligated to consume all of the contents before the expiry date and avoid wasting food. This could be particularly problematic for those living in a small household or alone.

Packs with a resealable opening allow the product to be re-closed multiple times, so the contents can stay fresher for longer. They are also an excellent portion control measure for customers who want to monitor their serving sizes more closely.

Food security

Ensuring that food has not been tampered with before being purchased is an important safety aspect, especially during a pandemic.

Half of the customers in the USA who participated in a survey from software and engineering firm Emerson, admitted they were more concerned about food safety now than ever before. Almost two out of three respondents also believed that technology had an important role to play in keeping food safe.

Reseal-it® packs have a built-in security feature that allows easy detection of product tampering, which helps ensure its safety throughout the entire supply chain.

Healthy snacking

Nearly 40% of respondents in a new survey by Olam Cocoa admitted they have been snacking more frequently since the beginning of COVID restrictions in the USA. 22% said they were looking for food and snacks with low sugar, salt or fat content – a trend particularly prominent among younger generations.

Resealable packaging is easy to open and close, which prevents spillage. It is, therefore, a great solution for products such as nuts, raisins and other dried fruits – a healthier snack option. The resealable tab keeps the content safe and fresh for longer and allows customers to enjoy smaller portions without worrying about food waste.

Reseal-it® is an innovative, resealable labelling solution that enables packs to be opened and closed up to 25 times, ensuring product freshness and pack integrity. It is used on a wide range of products globally, across 500 million packs.

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