How resealable technology can help to minimise packaging-related injuries

Packaging plays a crucial role in protecting food products and maintaining their freshness, but did you know that more than 60,000 people are hospitalised in the UK each year due to packaging related injuries?*

A recent study from Which? revealed that as many as four in ten participants claimed to have hurt themselves opening everyday items.

Among the most commonly-used tools for opening packs are scissors (89 per cent) and knives (66 per cent). 4 per cent of customers reported to have used razor blades and 2 per cent even used a hammer to get to their products!

The elderly population also experience difficulties in opening their packs due to age-related changes such as arthritis and deteriorating dexterity. This poses an even bigger problem for those living alone who may not have people around to help them open their packaging.

Poor packaging not only exposes us to injuries, but can also be incredibly frustrating.

Packs with resealable technology are easy to open and convenient to use. They eliminate the need for customers to use knives or scissors to get into their goods and the risk of packaging-related injuries is minimal.

Reseal-it® packs can be easily opened and closed up to 25 times, extending product’s shelf-life.

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*Which? lifts the lid on packaging that gives you ‘wrap rage’

Supermarket packaging puts older customers at risk of serious injury

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