How using resealable packaging can help to improve your branding?

ompanies spend millions of pounds on building brand awareness to attract customers and influence their purchase decisions.

With so many similar items available on the market, consumers often choose familiar brands over those new and less recognisable.

The times when packaging only served a protective function are long gone, and many retailers are beginning to see it as an effective marketing tool.

Easy opening and closing of packaging is one of the most pressing challenges that our ageing population is facing today. This is especially important in the snack and food market, where customers may not want to consume the entire content right away.

Resealable packaging, including the Reseal-it® labelling solution from Macfarlane Labels, is a great opportunity for your company to address these issues and help your products to stand out on busy store shelves.

New packaging solution for Seabrook’s range of lattice hand-cooked crisps is a perfect example to illustrate this. The Yorkshire-based company teamed up with Macfarlane Labels to design innovative, resealable crisp packs that are simple and convenient to use.

The Reseal-it® system does not only ensure that Seabrook’s packs provide a great sharing experience for their customers whether travelling, in the office or at home. It also allows products to remain in their original packs, ensuring your brand is clearly visible at all times.

Reseal-it® is already being used by a range of customers on more than 500 million packs a year. Visit our website to find out more and see how it can be applied to your products:


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