Is re-sealable technology winning over packaging phobic consumers

Let’s face it, outside its dedicated media, packaging rarely gets a good press. At best, packaging is taken for granted, its role often misunderstood.  One problem is, it’s invisible – until it becomes waste!

Then we see it everywhere, it litters our streets, our hedgerows and our beaches. It’s an emotive subject, attracting comment – usually adverse – from the media, from politicians and from all of us who remember ‘litter louts’ and exhortations to ‘take your litter home’.

So what then lies behind the success of re-sealable packaging? What has won the hearts of sceptical consumers to the extent that all top five UK cheese manufacturers offer a re-sealable pack option.

Home economics have a lot to do with it; in general, the bigger the pack, the cheaper the unit price. If unused product loses its freshness however, it ends up in the waste-bin and the savings are lost.

Reseal-it®, the innovative and patented re-sealing system from Macfarlane Labels, allows the pack to be opened and closed up to 25 times, keeping the contents fresher, for longer.

This packaging concept is designed to provide the customer with a pack that can be easily opened and reclosed. This is achieved by a patented label system combined with a micrometre-precision cutting technique that helps identify product tampering.

The growing number of Reseal-it® users includes leading manufacturers of cooked meats, cheese, coffee, biscuits and cookies, prepared fruit products, confectionery and savoury snacks.

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