Meeting the expectations of the 21st century customer

In the age of customer choice and markets overflowing with similar products, the customer is truly king!

Just a small amount of innovation, alongside product price and brand loyalty, can go a long way in attracting customers’ attention.

Last year, leading market intelligence agency, Mintel, conducted research on some of the main trends in food packaging in the UK. The study found that 36% of the respondents thought that unique packaging design made the product more appealing. 32% also believed that high quality packaging indicated that the product inside was also of high quality. *

Meeting ever-growing customer demands is not easy, but there are some innovative packaging solutions on the market that may help. Resealability is one of them.

Resealable packs come with an easy-opening functionality, making it easier for customers to access the contents. If you have ever had to resort to scissors or a kitchen knife to get into your food, then you know how frustrating this can be. And you are not alone… Four in ten people in the UK claim to have injured themselves while opening the packaging on everyday goods! ** Angry customers are unlikely to pick your products again and certainly will not recommend them to others.

Not only are resealable packs easy to open and offer a better customer experience, they also eliminate the need for secondary packaging, meaning your brand remains clearly visible on the pack.

There are also some other advantages of resealable packs such as better portion control and reduced food waste and, most importantly, customers like them!

A joint study by Waste and Resources Action Programme (Wrap) and INCPEN has found that customers consider recloseable packs one of the most useful packaging innovations. 20% of the respondents who chose a recloseable pack over standard packaging named functionality as the main reason for their choice.

Reseal-it® by Macfarlane Labels has been designed to offer customers an easily opened pack, which can be reclosed to preserve product freshness and reduce food waste.

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