Millennials driving demand for on-the-go and sustainable packaging

Millennials have been a motivating force for retailers to become environmentally sustainable with their products and packaging.

Millennials believe packaging to be an influential consideration when purchasing products. Sustainability throughout the whole supply chain is a decisive factor and even packaging material is seen as part of the brand experience.

As Millennials are always looking for the next big idea from every brand, it’s important for brands to provide sustainable packaging that supports their lifestyle and desire for convenience. Trust and authenticity are very important factors for brands to consider when building relationships with Millennials. Additionally, 51% of Millennials check packaging labels to ensure products offer a positive environmental and social impact and are even willing to pay more for products with sustainable packaging.

Millennials are more health conscious than ever before and lead more of an active lifestyle compared to earlier generations. This busy lifestyle builds a desire for various factors when it comes to packaging:

  • Convenience
  • Healthier Options
  • Social and Environmental Impact
  • Design

Resealable packaging like Reseal-it® can help Millennials with many of the factors mentioned above. Reseal-it® is perfect for convenience and on-the-go options as it can be opened and closed up to 25 times keeping food fresher for longer whilst maintaining pack integrity.

Millennials looking for healthier options can use Reseal-it® to prolong product life whilst keeping it fresh, which can sometimes be hard when snacking on fruits and vegetables.

Design is also a very important feature for Millennials as they want brands to entertain them and stand out whilst being sustainable. Reseal-it® is convenient, easy to use and can be customised and tailored to specific needs to ensure it attracts Millennials and other generations.

Reseal-it® also has environmental benefits; reducing food waste and reducing the need to use film, poly bags or plastic containers once opened.

Flexible packaging offers various sustainability benefits across the entire life cycle which include:

  • Transport benefits: Due to the light nature and inbound format, more flexible packaging can be transported in one truck reducing the amount of trucks on the road and ultimately reducing the CO2 emissions.
  • Food shelf life is extended which aids in the reduction of food waste.
  • Higher product-to-package ratio

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