Reducing Packaging Waste with Resealable Packaging

Packaging that is easy to open, store and that can be reused is important for consumers.


According to Flexible Packaging Association, 66% of Fast Moving Consumer Goods consumers think that packaging should be easy to store. And at the same time it should be reusable. We go further to explore how effective resalable packaging application can be applied to everyday life.


What do consumers think about use of packaging?


Recently, Brand Value Study identified that 32% of food consumers relate resealable packaging with being modern. Which is the main reason on why they want to engage with it more. Similarly, customers are increasingly driven by green waste reduction initiatives. Thus, making sure consumed packaging can be reduced again. Hence, we have created a list of simple life hacks that can help in utilising resealable packaging more. And it can help with reducing packaging waste at the same time.




Top of the list travel items recommended by Asher and Lyric include – medicine, pills, SIM cards, and toiletries. All of which can be safely stored, sorted and transported in a single place with for example Reseal-it® flow wrap pack model.

Workout routine



Resealable packaging can help a lot when preparing food portions for workout routine. Plastic containers may seem like a better option for food portions planning in the long run. However, resealable packaging can help with meal planning and food portions that are needed to be consumed before or after the workout throughout a week. Also, it can be a good solution to store nutrition supplements and vital vitamins.

Packed lunch



When preparing a packed lunch for work or a day out resealable packaging can speed up the process. Portable lunch staples such as pasta, salads, sandwiches can be easily packed using resealable packaging. Likewise, other nutritious ingredients can also be quickly reheated in a microwave. And it is also suitable for fridge and freezer use, so it can be stored for a few days.

Sorting and storing groceries



Your products can and will last longer if they are stored using Reseal-it® packaging. Perishables such as: veggies, meat, and fruits can be stored and arranged for as long as possible. There are also other ideas on how to preserve groceries for longer periods of time.


The best part about the Reseal-it® packaging concept is that it can be opened and closed up to 25 times. Therefore, it can maintain its functionality even when reused more than once.

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