Reseal-it® a better way to keep cooked meats fresher longer

Reseal-it® by Macfarlane Labels is an innovative labelling solution that helps to preserve product freshness, resulting in less food waste.

Following the successful application of Reseal-it® onto Tesco’s savoury snack range and Walkers’ biscuit packs, its benefits have now been recognised by a family-owned business, Greene Farm Foods.

The Irish company were looking for a packaging solution that would provide their customers with easy-to-open packs, and decided to apply Reseal-it® to their full-range of cooked meats.

The initial feedback revealed that customers found the new packs convenient to use, helping them to manage their weekly meat purchases better.

Greene Farm Foods products with Reseal-it® solutions are currently been used on their selections of sliced chicken, turkey and beef as well as their new “torn chicken” range.

Pleased with the early results, the company are now considering the possibility of applying Reseal-it® solution to their other products.

Macfarlane Labels provides Reseal-it® solutions for some of the leading brands across the UK, Europe, US and Canada on packs containing cheese, biscuits and cookies where consumers value the ability to open and re-seal the packs again and again.

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