Resealable food packs: Why customers love them!

Did you know packaging can affect the way customers determine how fresh your products are?

According to Mintel’s Food Packaging Trends: Spotlight on Food Labelling report, 64% of grocery customers in the USA pick food based on the fact that it is fresh and often judge product freshness by the quality of its packaging.*

Resealability is one of the packaging features customers associate with product freshness and it also brings the whole spectrum of other benefits that help raise customer satisfaction with your brand.

Struggling to access pack contents due to difficult packaging can be so frustrating (and even more so when you hurt yourself while doing it!). Resealable food packs help prevent customers’ ‘wrap rage’ by providing an easy-to-open solution that can be resealed multiple times. This great feature offers an enhanced portion control, allowing customers to enjoy a full product life and limit the amount of food waste coming from our households.

The resealable tab also makes it very clear if products were tempered with before the purchase, protecting your customers’ health and your brand reputation!

In the world of so many similar products available on the market, businesses do need to go the extra mile to attract customers. Resealable food packs offer convenience, reliability and increased performance, making the entire shopping and opening experience more enjoyable.

Reseal-it® by Macfarlane Labels is an innovative patented labelling system designed to provide customers with an easily opened pack, which can be reclosed up to 25 times. This helps preserve product freshness and reduce food waste at home.

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* Product Innovation February 2016 – Packaging reinforces cheese quality through freshness cues, Mintel Group Ltd

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