Resealable packaging – the latest innovations

Over the past 10 years there has been significant growth in the amount of resealable packaging solutions we are now seeing on the shelves. Resealability has become a key concern for FMCG manufacturers and retailers in response to what they see as a growing consumer demand for this type of functionality.

With increased pressures from the Government and Consumers alike, the cry for help is finally being answered with brand new innovative resealable packaging solutions.

Macfarlane Labels Reseal-it® packaging concept is designed to provide the customer with an easily opened pack, which can be reclosed to preserve product freshness and reduce food-waste. This is achieved by a patented label system combined with a micrometre-precision cutting system.

Reseal-it® can be used on a wide range of pack types such a flow wrap packs suitable for products such as cookies and medical devices and thermoform packs suitable for products such as meat, cheese, prepared fruit and confectionery.

The latest product launch for the Reseal-it® application was for Sunblest Crumpets. The notoriously difficult to open packaging now has an easy-to-open, resealable solution.

Since the new pack was launched into Iceland stores last month the sales in week one have surpassed expectations. The new packaging allows customers to open crumpets easily and close them without the need for repacking with cling film.

Macfarlane Labels Reseal-it® is now used by a range of customers on more than 170 million packs a year.

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