In 2010, Walkers Shortbread decided to redesign an existing biscuit pack in order to add value and functionality to the packaging for their customers.

Macfarlane Labels worked closely with Walkers to design a resealable label that could be applied to the flow wrap packs.

Working alongside Walkers, Macfarlane Labels trialled the Reseal-it® pre-applied system onto their existing film. This solution meant that Walkers benefited from an economical, quick and investment free packaging development. The new Reseal-it® label offers Walkers:

  • Easier to open packs
  • Consistent resealable packaging
  • Optimum product freshness.

Following its initial success, Walkers have now rolled out Reseal-it® solutions across a wide range of biscuits and packs, which are sold in the UK and USA.