Warburtons is a British family-owned baking company founded in 1876 and is the largest bakers in the UK.

Warburtons are pioneers of the industry and ambitious market leaders, always seeking to challenge themselves and convention. Following a successful introduction of Thins in to the UK market, Warburtons decided to rebrand the product to add value to the packaging and enhance the functionality for the consumer.

In 2015, Macfarlane Labels worked closely with Warburtons to design easy to open and close labels that would help to differentiate their products from the competition.

Reseal-it® technology was initially applied to the largest nine-packs. The Reseal-it® pre-applied system was applied to their existing film. After a successful period in the market, the entire range was rebranded and new packaging artwork was developed to highlight the benefits of Reseal-it®. The new range was launched in February 2016.

Main benefits:

  • Reseal-it® provides a clean, functional opening device which is ideally suited to the Thins product.
  • It allows easy opening to access the bread and allows the consumer to cleanly reclose the pack.
  • Reclosing the packs allows optimum product freshness for the life of the product.

A series of meetings were held at the Warburtons bakeries to ensure a smooth introduction of Reseal-it® technology to their product line.