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4 Reasons Why Resealable Packaging is Market Leading

When it comes to the FMCG market, resealable packaging is known for ensuring that products stay safe and fresher for longer. Whilst product protection, freshness and shelf life are equally important there are other added benefits to resealable packaging. Some of these advantages have a positive effect on consumer health and a huge impact on ...
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Why is Resealable Packaging Ideal for Retailers?

Why is Resealable Packaging Ideal for Retailers?   According to , 52% of consumers in the US prefer to buy FMCG products with minimum or no packaging at all. To address this issue, resealable packaging can be opened and re-closed multiple times, making packaging more consumer friendly and environmentally sustainable. We go ...
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Why resealable packaging will be one of the key trends for 2018?

Mintel, the world’s leading market intelligence agency, has recently published five global packaging trends for 2018. These include the growing role of packaging in reducing food and product waste, the importance of clear on-pack messaging and the need to provide customers with an enhanced eCommerce experience. We would like to add one ...
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