About Reseal-it®

Reseal-it®  by The Reflex Group is an innovative patented labelling system designed to provide customers with an easily opened pack, which can be reclosed up to 25 times. This helps preserve product freshness and reduce food waste at home. This product innovation is used by major FMCG manufacturers across the world.

Pack Types

Reseal-it labels can be applied across many pack types using a micrometer precision cutting system. This enables us to use reseal-it labels in almost any application.

flow wrap reseal-it

Flow Wrap

Suitable for a wide range of food products including bakery products, nuts and seeds, confectionery and cookies as well as other items such as medical devices and feminine hygiene.


Thermoform packs contain products such as meats, cheese, prepared fruit and confectionery.

Lidding film

Lidding Film is used for a wide variety of products including savoury snacks, prepared fruit, fresh produce, and dairy products.

How it Works

Reseal-it is easy to apply to existing film, meaning reseal-it labels can be applied after your inital print run!

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Reducing Food Waste

As part of The Reflex Group, we recognise our responsibilities to the environment, and we aim to make a positive environmental impact wherever we can.

Reseal-it can help to alleviate the food waste issue that accounts for more than 25 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions in the UK each year.

Find out more about how Reseal-it can help by downloading our infographic.

Reseal-it reduce-it

Find out more about how reseal-it can help your brand – we’ll give you four reasons!