Reasons 4 Reseal-it

it-keeps food fresh

Resealable packs prolong the life of products

  • Food stays fresher for longer
  • Resealable packs are easy to store Sustainability

Packs can be opened and closed up to 25 times ensuring product freshness and pack integrity.

it-reduces waste

Reducing waste that goes to landfill

  • Because food lasts longer, it reduces food and packaging waste.
  • Removes the need for secondary packaging – reducing more packaging waste.

Reseal-it® can help reduce food waste & the damage caused to the planet.

it-promotes your brand

Keeping brand names visible for longer

  • Food is always fresh and tasty when using reseal-it.
  • Sustainble credentials align with consumer views

Your brand is visible in customers houses for longer. Reseal-it® is used by some of the best-known brands on the market.

it-suits your systems

Flexible application options

Inline – Reseal-it® applicators  can be installed on almost any type of packaging machines
Pre-applied- Labels can be pre-applied offline.

Regardless of the dimensions of the pack you Reseal-it labels are flexible for any application.