5 reasons to choose resealable packaging

Resealable packs are becoming increasing popular among FMCG manufacturers.

Below are five reasons why you should consider switching to resealable technology.

1. Food hygiene
Frequent opening of food products exposes them to air and reduces the time in which they can be safely consumed. Resealable packs can be opened and re-closed many times, keeping products fresh by preventing them from drying out.

2. Portion control
Once opened, a standard pack loses its ability to maintain products’ freshness, causing it to go off much quicker. This may be especially problematic for people who live on their own and are unable to consume entire product contents in time. Reclosable packaging allows customers to enjoy products longer, helping them to better manage their weekly purchases.

3. Food security
Your products are vulnerable to damage in transport and storage and may spill or degrade on their way to customers. There’s also danger that they may fall victim to tampering. Reseal-it® packs come with a highly-visible tamper evident feature, ensuring food safety and reassuring customers that nobody can touch the food items before they buy them.

4. Cost savings
As resealable packs can be opened and closed many times, customers do not need to re-pack products in cling film or plastic bags, saving them hassle and reducing consumable costs. Your products remain in their original packaging, keeping your brand clearly visible at all times.

5. Customer satisfaction
With our population ageing, more and more people find it difficult to open everyday goods. Resealable packs can be easily opened by lifting a tab on the pocket, which makes them convenient to use.

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