Don’t let hard-to-open packaging undermine your brand reputation

All of us can probably think of at least one example of packaging that we found hard to open.

Struggling to access the contents of the pack is not only extremely frustrating, but it can also be dangerous when items such as knives, scissors and keys are used.

Research shows that two-thirds of British customers have claimed to injure themselves opening food and drink packaging. Hidden film wraps, ring pulls and lids on jam jars are among the trickiest types of packaging to open, and it is the oldest customers who struggle the most. *

Annoyed customers are less likely to pick your products again, and undermined reputation can be difficult to fix. So, how can you keep your customers happy? Consider switching to a packaging design that is easy to open and convenient to use such as Reseal-it® by Macfarlane Labels.

This innovative, resealable solution offers fast and hassle-free access to pack contents and is perfect for items such as sliced ham and cheeses, biscuits, prepared fruits, salads, bakery and many more.

Once open, Reseal-it® packs can be completely resealed up to 25 times, ensuring your brand stays on the package and keeping products fresher for longer.

Reseal-it® labels are easy to apply to a wide range of pack types including flow wrap, pouches, tray seal and vacuum packs. A Reseal-it® machine can apply the resealable solution to your film onto your packaging line, or you can request a pre-applied solution if you do not wish to invest in new machinery.

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