Re-sealable packaging in the beauty and personal care industry

Re-sealable packaging is most commonly used for food products, but the manufacturers of other industries also appreciate the benefits of this innovative technology. 

Re-sealable packs are widely used in the beauty and personal care industries for items such as facial wipes, baby wipes, tissues and feminine hygiene products. Special designs help to retain moisture, preventing wet products from drying out and extending the time in which they can be used.

They are also great for travelling, ensuring your products remain intact during their journey and preventing them from coming in to contact with other objects in your bag.

Research tells us that shoppers find re-sealable packs easy and convenient to use, and prefer them to standard, non re-closable packaging.

The reseal technology does not only allow consumers to enjoy products longer, but also saves them money, as items stay in their original packaging without the need of repacking them.

It will also benefit your business, as satisfied customers are more likely to choose your products again, generating profits and building brand loyalty.

Reseal-it® is an innovative labelling solution from Macfarlane Labels that provides customers with easy to open and close packs. This patented label system with a micrometer precision cutting mechanism ensures your products stay fresh for longer and can be resealed up to 25 times.

Reseal-it® is currently being used internationally be leading FMCG manufactures across a range of sectors including feminine hygiene, medical devices and food products.

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