Fighting food waste – How Reseal-it® can help

British households throw away 7.3m tonnes of food and drink each year, which represents 71% of the total food waste produced in the UK. Most of it is preventable. 

Avoidable food waste costs an average British family £700 a year or almost £60 a month – money that could be better spent elsewhere.

Much of the food and drink that we throw away is untouched or opened but unfinished; 1.3 Mt results from overcooking or serving too much. In other words, we waste a lot of food that is perfectly edible!

Packaging plays an important role in protecting food from spillage and damage in transit and storage. Products kept in their original packaging tend to last longer, however once the pack is opened, food gets exposed to air, which accelerates its deterioration. This reduces the time in which products can be eaten and can increase the amount of food waste at home.

Resealable food packs such as Reseal-it® are designed to be opened and closed multiple times without compromising product freshness and are perfect for managing daily food servings.

Discounts on “family-sized” packs can be tempting even if we live in a small household and some customers may feel obliged to finish the contents before it gets spoiled. Resealable packs help to regulate food intakes and allow customers to enjoy their food for longer.

Resealable packs are becoming increasing popular among many FMCG manufacturers and are most commonly used with products such as cooked meats, cheese, coffee, biscuits and cookies, prepared fruit products, confectionery, savoury snacks and many more.

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