Food waste in a single occupancy household

The amount of food we buy and consume depends on the size of the household we live in. But attractive discounts on larger quantities and “family-sized” packs often encourage us to pick the most economical options.

A report from WRAP* reveals that people who live on their own waste on average more food than those living in larger households.

Data indicates that single-occupants tend to buy more food per person than the average, and consequently get rid of a greater part.

Part of the problem lies in the type of food packaging available in the market. Once opened, a standard pack loses its ability to maintain products’ freshness, causing it to go off much quicker. This may be particularly problematic for the customers who live on their own and are not able to use entire pack contents in time.

Resealable food packaging, including Macfarlane’s Reseal-it® labelling system, helps to keep products fresh, prolonging the time in which they can be safely consumed.

This allows customers to enjoy their products for longer, reducing the amount of food waste. In fact, you can open and close a Reseal-it® label up to 25 times.

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*Household food and drink waste: A people focus:

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