From “nice to have” to “must have” packaging

Preferred by consumers, re-sealable packaging is also benefiting retailers and suppliers.

More and more major brand-owners in the food, snacks and confectionery sectors are investing in re-sealable packaging, buoyed by their customer’s willingness to pay a little extra for the added value the re-sealable pack delivers.

Extending the useful life of the product also extends its visibility, and the retained freshness reinforces the quality of market-leading brands and premium own-label products.

Any re-sealable packaging systems worth its salt needs to address three main end-user requirements:-

  1. Does it work? Does the seal effectively protect the contents from premature deterioration?
  2. Is it quick and simple to open and re-seal, requiring no kitchen tools or implements?
  3. Can it be opened and closed many times without losing the seal’s integrity, keeping the contents fresher, for longer.

The manufacturer is, of course, looking for a cost-effective re-sealing solution, one that can be provided without reducing production line efficiency. The retailer will want a pack that will fit neatly and economically on his shelves, and that any incidence of tampering is readily apparent.

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