How to Ensure Products are Tamper Proof with Resealable Technology

The Health and Beauty industry has seen a shift in consumer behaviour during the Covid-19 pandemic.

As people stayed at home during lockdowns and the government promoted their “Hands. Face. Space” public information campaign, the need for cosmetics and perfumes declined, giving way to an increased demand for personal care and hygiene products.

From natural to effective and safe

Product efficiency and safety have become the key factors influencing purchasing decisions, taking priority over the growing interest in natural products in recent years. A study on ingredient trends in beauty by Mintel has shown that  whilst consumers may prefer products with natural, non-synthetic ingredients, they ultimately choose those they deem effective and safe.

Shelf-life is also another important buying consideration, particularly prominent during the pandemic. One in 10 customers in a recent Mintel study expressed concerns over natural products expiring too quickly.

Innovative packaging to make products last longer with resealable technology

If you are looking to improve the competitiveness of your products, resealable packaging could be the right solution for you.

It will extend product shelf-life and consumers are already familiar with the solution as its widely used in the health and beauty industry for items such as facial wipes, baby wipes, tissues and feminine hygiene products.

Prior to purchase, no one can interfere with pack contents as the resealable label clearly indicates if it has been tampered with.

Resealable closures help to retain moisture, preventing wet products from drying out, thus extending the time in which they can be used, even after the first opening.

About Reseal-it®

Reseal-it® by Macfarlane Labels is an innovative, resealable labelling solution that enables packs to be opened and closed up to 25 times, ensuring product freshness and pack integrity. It is used on a wide range of products globally, across 500 million packs.

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