Packaging challenges for an ageing population

Did you know that over 10 million people in the UK are over the age of 65?

This number is set to grow to an astonishing 15.5 million by 2023, increasing the importance of addressing the packaging challenges that are faced by an ageing population.

With a decrease in dexterity and other added problems such as arthritis, the ageing population are finding it more difficult to get into their products. Reports by BSI Group reveal that nearly half of over 65’s and one in six people under 40 now find it hard to open everyday items.

To gain a better understanding of the packaging challenges faced by the ageing population, Macfarlane Labels commissioned an independent study in 2014, which found that 25 percent of participants considered ease of access as the most important factor influencing their purchases.

Participants were asked to evaluate packaging with an easy to open solution, to those without and results found that all of the participants preferred products with resealable easy to open technology.

The results show that resealable technologies, including an innovative Reseal-it® packaging concept by Macfarlane Labels, can provide easier to open packaging solutions to the over 65’s.
On 10th March, Clive Jackson, Sales Director at Macfarlane Labels, attended the Packaging Innovation Challenges of an Ageing Population conference in London. The meeting was a platform for sharing ideas and viewpoints on issues that the over 65’s are currently facing.

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