Reducing food waste: How packaging can help

Did you know Glasgow households waste 41,000 tonnes of food – the equivalent to throwing away around 90 million meals each year?

The Evening Times reports the average Glasgow household bins around 7,900 tonnes of fresh vegetables and salad and 2,500 tonnes of meat each year. The city also throws away over 236,000 slices of bread a year and wastes 9,852 eggs each day, which equates to the height of almost five Glasgow Towers!

Packaging plays an important role in protecting food products from spillage and degradation during transportation and storage and keeping products in their best condition. Using suitable packaging could reduce some of the food waste and save money for both your customers and your business.

Most food packs lose their preserving properties after opening as products tend to go off quicker when exposed to air. Resealable packaging solutions such as Reseal-it® by Macfarlane Labels help to keep products fresh for longer and are becoming a popular choice for FMCG manufacturers.

Reseal-it® provides the customer with easy to open food packaging that allows products to be opened and closed up to 25 times. It does not require additional packaging such as cling film or fridge bags, which reduces the amount of environmental waste and cuts consumables costs for customers.

Reseal-it® has been used by some of the leading brands in the food industry including Walkers, Warburtons and Tesco.

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