Reseal-it® helping foods stay fresher and tastier longer

Recent years have seen the rapid growth of re-sealable flexible packaging, representing a resounding ‘thumbs up’ from a consumer base not known for its love of packaging per se. Changing demographics – an ageing population, increased student numbers and people living alone – have helped to influence the way products are packaged. As have economic factors; personal finances and the rising costs of dealing with waste have made all but the wealthy minority conscious of what we consume – and what we throw away.

Now with Reseal-it®, the innovative and patented re-sealing system from Macfarlane Labels, manufacturers of perishable food products can supply a pack which can be opened and closed up to 25 times, keeping the contents in prime condition for even longer.

The packaging concept is designed to provide the consumer with a pack that can be easily opened and reclosed. This is achieved by a patented label system combined with a micrometre-precision cutting technique that helps identify product tampering.

Reseal-it® units can be fitted to new and existing packaging lines, applying Reseal-it labels on-line directly onto the packaging film.

Alternatively, the cost and complexity of additional machinery can be avoided by outsourcing the Reseal-it® labelling functionality, received back ‘ready-to-run’ in reel form.

The growing number of Reseal-it® users includes leading manufacturers of cooked meats, cheese, coffee, biscuits and cookies, prepared fruit products, confectionery and savoury snacks.

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