Resealable Packaging for on-the-go Baby Food

The increased demand for on-the-go baby food, means the UK baby food market is expected to grow by 22% in 2022.

One product category that has shown steady growth is finger foods. Likewise, organic food is showing a promising performance. This opens a significant opportunity for resealable packaging.

Resealable packaging can provide numerous benefits for on-the-go baby food products. For instance, re-closable trays can be heated, resealed and used on-the-go. This fits well with the busy lifestyles of professional parents.

Similarly, resealable packaging offers room for creativity, which can engage children. Beautiful design and resealable functionality will make feeding less stressful for both parents and their babies.

Resealable packaging can also help to extend product freshness to ensure the food lasts longer. Thus, parents can be assured that any leftover food can be resealed and safely stored for future use.

There are some other benefits to resealable packaging for the baby food market, such as portion control, tamper evidence and reduction of food waste.

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