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How resealable packaging can help to avoid 'Wrap Rage'

Have you ever fallen victim to tricky packaging? Four in ten people in the UK have claimed to injure themselves while trying to open packaging on everyday goods, including food and drink. Among the items commonly used to open packaging are scissors and knives, and some even resort to razor blades and hammers in their struggle to access ...
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The impact of hard-to-open packaging on the wellbeing of elderly customers

A recent study from the University of Portsmouth has found that older customers may feel powerless and vulnerable when it comes to opening everyday goods. According to the study, difficulties that the elderly face opening their products not only increase the risk of packaging-related injuries, but have a negative impact on their ...
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How resealable technology can help to minimise packaging-related injuries

Packaging plays a crucial role in protecting food products and maintaining their freshness, but did you know that more than 60,000 people are hospitalised in the UK each year due to packaging related injuries?* A recent study from Which? revealed that as many as four in ten participants claimed to have hurt themselves opening everyday ...
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