Top 4 Resealable Packaging Design Features

According to DPC, 70% of Fast Moving Consumer Good (FMCG) purchasing decisions are made in-store. On average a consumer can be exposed to over 40,000 different products. With that in mind almost a third of product decision-making is based on packaging alone. We go in-depth to uncover top 4 resealable packaging design features that can tap into consumer mind and add a further value to your brand.



1. Less graphics is more

’99 Designs’ claim that first impressions matter and on an average a customer will spend 5-7 seconds to make a purchasing decision. Rendering to Word Packaging Design use of minimalistic approach is a key for a product to be able to sell itself. Choosing unique product packaging colour and text positioning close to the centre can make a noticeable difference.


2. Resealable Packaging


packaging design

This is where design meets functionality and provides a brand with a competitive advantage. The resealable closure can extend product shelf-life and gives customers a peace of mind. Hence, this value-added functionality can result in repeat purchases.  Based on DPC stats 52% of customers would shop FMCGs again if packaging opening experience and overall functionality was positive.


3. Shape to fit




Packaging design tailored to product shape can considerably decrease amount of raw packaging materials, such as plastic. Reseal-it® vacuum and thermoforming packaging application concepts can be used on different pack types, making sure the minimum amount of packaging product is used in the process. Likewise, there are other pack application techniques used by Reseal-it®. Explore other resealable design pack application solutions by Reseal-it®.


4. Environmental Sustainability




It is essential to choose correct packaging materials that can substantially reduce production costs and packaging waste. However, with a use of resealable packaging concept the excess waste can be greatly reduced. The reason is that resealable packaging has multiple uses – for example, it can be used for storage of other foods or work packed lunch.


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