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4 Reasons for Reseal-it – Reason 1: It keeps food fresh

Resealable packaging solutions have a wide range of benefits and are known for ensuring product safety and keeping food fresher for longer. As resealable packaging grows within the food sector, we explore the various benefits it can provide: Food Safety Concerns A recent study by IDG research has forecasted the food-to-go market in the UK to ...
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Resealable Packaging for on-the-go Baby Food

The increased demand for on-the-go baby food, means the UK baby food market is expected to One product category that has shown steady growth is finger foods. Likewise, organic food is showing a promising performance. This opens a significant opportunity for resealable packaging. can provide numerous benefits for on-the-go baby food ...
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Enhancing Brand Image with Resealable Packaging

Enhancing Brand Image with Resealable Packaging   The packaging industry has undergone multiple transformations and today’s brands are aiming to increase their market presence and product visibility through features such as resealable practicality, functional finishes, and an enhanced packaging design. Here are some tips on ...
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